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How Are You Feeling?

I’ve tagged David Shrigley’s How Are You Feeling as both comedy and art. The latter is a very loose tag, but relevant, indeed he even has an exhibition over several floors in the Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester at the moment, and it was that exhibition that led me to buy this bizarre but at times hilarious volume.

As art, it could be a while before children, students, are writing an essay on the work of David Shrigley, but who cares, because by then the man will be rich many times over from taking his strange and undoubtably funny work to the public for many years.

2013-02-18 15.16.47

I love his series on work called Modern Toss and How Are You Feeling follows a similar vein of madness – a typical page that I have just opened on to has a badly drawn picture of a plane and the line ” I find it hard to concentrate whilst I am preforming important tasks”. Genius – or maybe crap, depending on your point of view.

I actually think that his best medium is the cards. You don’t spend enough time with a card to get bored of it, whereas with a book you may well do.

I manage that be just taking little snapshots now and then rather than ceeding to the temptation to read from end to end.


Phaidon’s Crucifixion

I love Phaidon books.

I spend far too much money with them.

I get an email, I know opening it will cost me thirty quid or more, but open it I do.

And buying this one was particularly unusual for me.

I like art, but I’m not knowledgable.

I am also attracted to images of the crucifixion, but I’m not obsessed.

If I’m in a gallery I will search them out I guess, but I couldn’t name many.

Yet I love this book.

And I like the idea of the photo of it sitting on the Mac’s keyboard as that’s where I seem to spend most of my time (and indeed money).

My favourite is one by a fellow called Graham Sutherland which hangs in St Matthew’s church in Northampton. It’s modern, hard, would hang well in a home, but not be for everyone! It’s from 1946 when I guess everything was harder for everyone.

While the subject is tough, the book is easy. There’s no text beyond the name of the images, date and where to find it. Now that’s my kind of book!

My wife hates it!

$20,000. Bill Drummond

This book is brilliant.

The book is utter crap.

Bill would probably love both comments on the basis that they demonstrate that the book moved someone to comment.

And that. To some. Is art.

This book is hilarious.

This book is infuriating.

It is about art.

And money. It’s a lot about money.

And the gullibility, fallibility, stupidity, and more of us.

As Brits, or just as people.

Drummond is an interesting guy, no matter how annoying you may find him.

He has made a fortune as the KLF.

And burned one as the K Foundation. Literally. They burnt a million pounds. You know. With fire and notes.

This is a strange road trip with a few signs and crazy thoughts on how to use them to make money.

And revised editions to make more money.

This will seriously question your value of anything, and like me you just might end up enjoying it!