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Lovemarks, Kevin Roberts

If you care about building your brand then this book is not only essential reading, it’s inspirational too.

Kevin Roberts is something of an odd ball chief executive who will come out with all sorts of comments that you won’t like if you meet him, but his book, edited and refined no doubt by some of his business’s finest brains, is a great read.


It’ll tell you stories from around the world of businesses that have gone way beyond the normal behaviour expected of a brand, and many of them have achieved great success as a consequence.

This is the sort of brand book that anyone with their own business will enjoy, and despite it being quite dated now, its message is still bang on target. If you’re tight fisted and cut corners with horse meat then this isn’t for you – although it might help you see the errors of your ways. But if you are up for listening, learning, moving with the times and delivering the best possible service then you’ll feel encourage and vindicated by Lovemarks.

Roberts’ anecdotes¬†are often brilliant too.

Read, learn, enjoy.

Nudge. Thaler and Sunstein

The guys who wrote Nudge must have known they had made it big time when people started writing papers against them!

Nudge had governments sitting up and paying attention.

Nudge had retailers sitting on hold as they tried to get the guys in to help.

Consultants went Nudge crazy whether they were marketing men, HR people, or trend watchers.

Nudge was the word on the lips of the well read.

And just like something from Malcolm Gladwell, Nudge deserves to be read because it’s a well paced easy read that’s loaded with examples and the research to back them up.

It was first published in the UK in 2008, but it took a year or so to grab attention, then suddenly even  our very own David Cameron had his people looking at how the UK might Nudge people into better behaviours. Nudge people into eating better, Nudge people into drinking less through socialising non-drinking.

It has shown how non-shouty road markings can encourage drivers to reduce their speed more effectively than threatening fines, and how the same theory can help encourage masses of people to save more for their futures.

It’s one of those books that you love the stories from and enjoy reading, but if you put it down for a few days for whatever reason then you need a Nudge to pick up again. When starting this I looked at my copy and saw that I’ve read 185 pages, and I know I enjoyed them – but what about the 100 that are left? Well, I’ve blown the dust off now and hopefully in a day or two I’ll sit down and absorb the rest, Who knows, I might even come back and re-write some of this with more glowing praise.


Deciphering the UK Building Regulations

In the UK, building regulations are amended and updated amazingly frequently, and this can be a minefield for builders and construction workers, whether amateur or professional.

Often lengthy and confusing, the extensive rules for what can and can’t be done in the UK are difficult to read, interpret and remember. So any sort of builder considering any type of building, whether it’s an extension to an existing property, a renovation of an old one or the installation of a garden home office, needs a reliable guide to the building regulations.

Author Ray Tricker (MSc IEng FIET FCIM FIQA FIRSE) is a man who can help. Noticeable by his wealth of experience and qualifications as a building surveyor, he has turned this to advantage by putting together several books aimed at professionals in the construction industry.

A recent publication entitled ‘Building Regulations in Brief’ does exactly what it says on the tin — it is a concise distillation of all those confusing and long-winded  laws that govern a builder’s workday hours.

Not only does the author explain the ins and outs of the building regulations, he outlines ways in which to conform to them in a cost-effective way, thus potentially saving users quite a lot of money when undertaking their projects. In the current economic climate which has proved particularly severe for the construction industry, this aspect of this book should make it a best-seller.

As well as being a good reference guide to the rules, Tricker goes into a little bit of detail about the evolution of them all and why they exist. This makes the whole subject easier for the reader to understand, ingest and remember and is a useful addition to the normal guidebook style. He writes about how councils and local authorities view certain issues in order that the reader can appreciate and take into account the opposing viewpoint and the official stance they will be dealing with.

Building Regulations in Brief

Web Hosting: A Complete Strategy

If you are looking into website hosting then this is the book for you, it covers a huge amount of detail as well as being a practical learning guide. It gives you an insight into successful web marketing strategies plus helps you understand the technology required to ensure quality service.

If you don’t really have much knowledge on this subject Web Hosting: A Complete Strategy should give you enough insight to get you started. It offers a practical guide to learning about all the types of web hosts out there with added key resources and tips. It also covers many types of technologies, PHP, ASP, JSP, as well as how to secure your infrastructure, prevent viruses, worms, and other attacks.

This book is great for those who are new to web and wordpress hosting as well as being a useful guide and resource for those already in the business. For Dummies Book Review For Dummies is a great tool to help any business, large or small, solve the challenges of running a business by using Customer Relationship Management software. helps your sales team, customer service representatives, and marketing agents by providing fast, up to the minute, and relevant information in a format that streamlines productivity and helps these team members focus on getting the job done. For Dummies provides information about all the latest updates and enhancements to the latest CRM system, so you can stay on top of ways to maximize your CRM software to benefit your business. For Dummies helps you choose the CRM edition of that best suits your business, and it explains the features of the software. Learn how to develop contacts, calculate forecasts, and manage your accounts, so you stay on top of your accounts but don’t waste a lot of time taking care of administrative projects. Keep your data updated and analyze it as necessary by running reports to present to your team members. For Dummies even teaches you the advantages of tracking customer service issues, and it helps you generate additional sales leads to help you expand your business even further.

Another advantage to this book is the marketing benefits. Using along with Google AdWords will help you beef up your online presence, so anyone on the Internet can easily find you. This book also teaches you how to maximize free social networking opportunities, such as Twitter and Facebook, to spread the word about your business to your existing customers and build relationships with potential customers. uses cloud computing to connect all authorized users to the system, so everyone can update from where they are and everyone can read the latest updates from where they are. eliminates the need to come back to the office and input data; For Dummies will show you how to integrate mobile devices, such as a BlackBerry or an iPhone, so it syncs up with the CRM and maximizes worker productivity.

Whether you run a large business, a small business, or something in between, competition among businesses is fierce, and your competitors are fighting for your customers. Keep them satisfied with an efficient system that helps you take care of their needs in a way that allows your employees to remain productive. For Dummies is a worthwhile investment because it will help you maximize the profit you make in your business by teaching you how to efficiently use the CRM system. Get the most bang for your buck and use For Dummies to improve customer relationships today.  You can buy it on Amazon here.