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Bristol Cars. A Brooklands Portfolio.

Mention a Bristol to even a car enthusiast and there’s a good chance that they won’t even know what you’re on about. Yet these are almost certainly the finest cars produced in Britain, and certainly the last of the coach built expresses that the country was once famous for.

There are not a lot of books on the marque, and despite my love of the brand and huge enthusiasm for Bristol Cars, this is not an easy book. It’s mainly created by pulling together press articles over the last fifty or so years, and to that end there’s certainly interest for the anorak.

There are some great pieces included, such as my favourite, a head to head review from 1962 of the Bristol 406 and the Alvis T21. What is particularly interesting about this now is that the more expensive of the two cars, the Bristol, cost around four and a half thousand pounds back then. Now you can by an uprated version of that very same car from Bristol for around eighty five thousand!

Having enthused like that I must be balanced – there’s little up to date here, despite their “Fighter” finishing the book, it’s only in its model phase. But then if you can afford one of these, who cares?

These are not the sorts of cars you’d take along to the American We Buy Any Car .com for a valuation, however if you’re looking to get rid of your Eurobox, or even your Detroit special to trade up to a classic like the Bristol then We Buy Any Car is a great place to get a fair price.