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The Railway Series / Thomas The Tank Engine

Where on a roll with children’s books so here another great children’s book, Thomas The Tank Engine.

The books where published as a series called The Railway Series. The Railway is located on a fictional island called Sodor.

Currently there are 41 books in the Railway Series which were first published in 1945, 26 of the books where wrote by Rev. W. Awdry who is the mostly commonly associated name with the series and Tomas the Tank Engine.

The majority of the books in the Railway Series are based on real life situations and they are then turned in to a children’s book.

Thomas is the bases for the series of books and the story line often features Tomas the Blue tank engine, but nearly all styles off Steam engines are represented from the aptly named Diesel who is a Diesel shunter to Bill and Ben who are Saddle tanks, other popular engines are Gordon, Henry, Percy, James and Duck who represents the GWR livery.

In the 1980’s The series was turned into a TV series and was narrated by Ringo Starr from The Beatles pop band of the 1960’s and 1970’s