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Nudge. Thaler and Sunstein

The guys who wrote Nudge must have known they had made it big time when people started writing papers against them!

Nudge had governments sitting up and paying attention.

Nudge had retailers sitting on hold as they tried to get the guys in to help.

Consultants went Nudge crazy whether they were marketing men, HR people, or trend watchers.

Nudge was the word on the lips of the well read.

And just like something from Malcolm Gladwell, Nudge deserves to be read because it’s a well paced easy read that’s loaded with examples and the research to back them up.

It was first published in the UK in 2008, but it took a year or so to grab attention, then suddenly even  our very own David Cameron had his people looking at how the UK might Nudge people into better behaviours. Nudge people into eating better, Nudge people into drinking less through socialising non-drinking.

It has shown how non-shouty road markings can encourage drivers to reduce their speed more effectively than threatening fines, and how the same theory can help encourage masses of people to save more for their futures.

It’s one of those books that you love the stories from and enjoy reading, but if you put it down for a few days for whatever reason then you need a Nudge to pick up again. When starting this I looked at my copy and saw that I’ve read 185 pages, and I know I enjoyed them – but what about the 100 that are left? Well, I’ve blown the dust off now and hopefully in a day or two I’ll sit down and absorb the rest, Who knows, I might even come back and re-write some of this with more glowing praise.