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The Revenge of Gaia. James Lovelock

Old Lovelock probably doesn’t laugh a lot.

His Gaia series of books are fascinating reading, yet bring us scarily close to sci-fi in their depiction of the horrors man has wreaked upon its planet.

This was published in 2006, when I believe we were probably more planet aware than we are now. The financial crisis of the past few years has sent us scurrying back into a more selfish mode that has less concern for the damage we’re storing up for the future.

The irony is plain. Yet it’ll kill us.

Lovelock puts forward a straightforward picture of future doom, with well written arguments and just a few powerful images. Read this alongside Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and you’ll probably want to end it all there and then, yet it Revenge of Gaia does offer us the vision to put things right.

Lovelock comes out in support of nuclear as the only way we can hope to supply the energy we desire, he probably horrified armies of his supporters by doing so, but it gives the book real credence when its author seemingly supports his own devil. And that biblical reference is no accident. Lovelock calls down fire and brimstone, yet puts it so convincingly.

James Lovelock is one of our most respected environmentalists, he’s not afraid to piss people off, lots of people. You are not going to feel good as a result of reading this, but you will know some very important stuff.

$20,000. Bill Drummond

This book is brilliant.

The book is utter crap.

Bill would probably love both comments on the basis that they demonstrate that the book moved someone to comment.

And that. To some. Is art.

This book is hilarious.

This book is infuriating.

It is about art.

And money. It’s a lot about money.

And the gullibility, fallibility, stupidity, and more of us.

As Brits, or just as people.

Drummond is an interesting guy, no matter how annoying you may find him.

He has made a fortune as the KLF.

And burned one as the K Foundation. Literally. They burnt a million pounds. You know. With fire and notes.

This is a strange road trip with a few signs and crazy thoughts on how to use them to make money.

And revised editions to make more money.

This will seriously question your value of anything, and like me you just might end up enjoying it!