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Web Hosting: A Complete Strategy

If you are looking into website hosting then this is the book for you, it covers a huge amount of detail as well as being a practical learning guide. It gives you an insight into successful web marketing strategies plus helps you understand the technology required to ensure quality service.

If you don’t really have much knowledge on this subject Web Hosting: A Complete Strategy should give you enough insight to get you started. It offers a practical guide to learning about all the types of web hosts out there with added key resources and tips. It also covers many types of technologies, PHP, ASP, JSP, as well as how to secure your infrastructure, prevent viruses, worms, and other attacks.

This book is great for those who are new to web and wordpress hosting as well as being a useful guide and resource for those already in the business.

Constant Touch: A Global History of the Mobile Phone

This book is a short and sweet guide to one of the most wide-sweeping technical innovations of our times.  Anyone who is interested in the mobile phone, its history, conception, development and what to expect from the future will find this a fascinating read.

The book focuses largely on the development of the mobile phone in the UK, so it is of particular interest to British readers. The rest of the world is not neglected however, and the evolution and use of mobile phones in the United States, rest of Europe and the Far East are also detailed within its pages.

It is a fun book to read, with a friendly tone and welcome avoidance of jargon.  The chapters cover topics such as World in Bits; Different Countries; Different Paths to Mobility; Reassembling the Mobile as a Global System; and Mobile Cultures which examines the power of text messages, the mobile phone as a health threat, and phones in film. 

Although many people may not think about buying this book unless they have a keen interest in either modern technology or mobile phones, it is actually a fascinating read for anyone who owns a mobile phone.  Knowing how your phone came about, the implications of mobile phone ownership on a global scale and how the technology is likely to develop is very interesting and this book is the perfect guide to the technology in your pocket.