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Figure Drawing for Men’s Fashion (Fashion & Textiles)

This book would be extremely useful for fashion students, illustrators or anyone interested in drawing for men’s fashion as a hobby. It has 400 pages of topic-by-topic guides on how to design clothing and accessories for the male form.

Assuming no prior knowledge, it aims to teach the reader how to perfect the skills that are needed to design men’s clothing so that the designer’s creative vision can be accurately realised. Measuring correctly, getting lines precisely right, and designing and dressing for different shapes are all addressed.

The book covers contemporary clothing design as well as more traditional tailoring. It also looks in depth at men’s accessory design, and there is a section specifically on designing male headwear.

The book was written by fashion industry experts who convey their knowledge in a detailed but approachable way.  The illustrations and photographs also help to bring the text to life for artists, designers and illustrators.  This guide is not text heavy; making it easy for the reader to gain the fundamental skills they need and, from there, build on those skills by practicing their drawing technique and following the clearly outlined stages.  There is also a sister publication – The Female Figure Drawing for Fashion Design – which is a great addition for those who want to enter the world of women’s design and fashion.

Students, illustrators or anyone interested in fashion will love this cleverly designed, well-illustrated book.

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