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Ilse Crawford’s Home Is Where The Heart Is?

I have just finished a quite joyous read, and before I start looking up its numerous references I wanted to pop on a quick post about the book.

Ilse Crawford's home is where the heart is?

This short volume will probably sit in Interior Design sections of book stores, but could as easily grace LifeStyle, or even Self Help.

The author has basically written a series of beautifully worded essays and, because of who she is, has been able to get them published.

It’s a little surprising to pay £20 for this. After all they are only really six reasonable length magazine articles. But if you subscribe to her life philosophy you’ll almost certainly be delighted to have your suppressed thoughts and desires expressed by someone who should know.

Ilse asks a question I have often pondered – why is the toilet usually in the bathroom. Someone’s foul air certainly doesn’t add to the sense of sanctuary you hope to find there. Locate the bog somewhere else.

This lovely little book talks about food, about love, security, work, and something that I consider hugely important – Respect, for yourself, and those around you. Photography by Martyn Thompson is beautiful, and fits the bill perfectly. I’d love to know who lives in the main apartment that features through much of the book.

I’m now going to spend awhile online looking up the many places she recommends buying from, and references for material, I suspect that the £20 it cost to buy the book will be vastly outweighed by the number of things I’ll look up and love. But as Ilse recommends, I’m a fairly frugal soul, and unless I need the thing I definitely won’t buy it just for the sake of it.



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