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I was on holiday for a long weekend in Britain’s finest city (in my humble opinion at least), Edinburgh.

I love the place and happily wander around it in a dream like state.

I spend hours looking at things I have no intention of buying in the shops, just because of the state of mind the clam of Edinburgh induces in me.

It was in that state that I wandered into a shop I’d not seen before, called Anthropology.

It’s like a grown up version of Urban outfitters, which itself would be my favourite if I were in my teens, or early twenties. The fact that I’m way past its target age doesn’t stop me from popping in whenever I see a good one even now.

And in Anthropology I discovered Kinfolk.

Kinfolk is a magazine.

Kinfolk vol 8

Of sorts.

It’s that slightly bigger than A4 size of many mags.

It’s published regularly, albeit only four times a year.

But above every other point.

Kinfolk is beautiful.

It was with Kinfolk in mind that I started writing the last post about whether or not the book is dead.

And in fact I could just about cope without my regular and expensive deliveries of fine volumes, if I could just secure the flow of great magazines like this.

It’s simple.

It’s not a weighty and informative tome such as my also much loved Monocle.

But it’s about real life, with a sprinkling of fairy dust and the adept avoidance of the mundane.

I am going to write more about it in a few days as I can’t do it justice in a short post like this.


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