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Wow, this is probably the first time I have written two posts on the same subject, and that is all the more interesting given that the subject in question isn’t even a book, it’s a periodical, a magazine.

Those who share my love of texture are likely to be hooked, just as I was that afternoon a few weeks ago in Edinburgh, as soon as they touch the cover. The over weight, folded card cover is the perfect silk.

The three editions I have managed to track down so far each have simple, yet intriguing covers.

It has changed its simple strap line from “A guide for small gatheringsâ€� to “Discovering new things to make, eat and doâ€�. I’m a little disappointed by this, it doesn’t feel as elegant, but I suspect that even among the attentive types buying Kinfolk, the change will be missed.

Inside the heavy pages are printed with care onto top quality uncoated stock, it must cost a lot, its almost a silk inside too.

The imagery is immediately identifiable as their style, despite being from many photographers, and something amazing has just occurred to me – there are no adverts, none whatsoever! How brave is that?

Kinfolk vol 6 - my first!

The writing makes me yearn for my college days and the chance to learn again to write university essays that sparkle, rather than merely delivering the required information. In fact that desire is so strong sometimes it makes me want to go back and start again, even at my age.

The only drawback so far is that I can’t find a stockist nearby. I have bought one copy in Edinburgh, followed by one on Manchester’s Paperchase, and another in a cool place that I can’t remember the name of in Chester Street off London’s Brick Lane.

The subscription is over one hundred pounds a year, and even though the individual mag is £13, £25 a pop is stretching even for my love of books. I’m trying to talk my local Waterstones into stocking it.

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