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Wonder Boys. Michael Chabon.

I have to admit a fair degree of ignorance here.

I suspect that Michael Chabon is an established and probably well know author. But this is the first thing I have read of his.

And boy he writes well!

He has that wonderful confidence of great Americans like John Irving where he’ll not only tell you the story, but also include swathes of the story his character is writing.

This is the bitter tale of author and lecturer Grady Trip, on his third marriage (well, for the first few pages at least), seeing his college chancellor, fancied by his student despite his prodigious girth, and fast on the road to ruin.

At times hilarious, at times achingly sad, and frequently giving out classy one liners, this book deserves to be read at speed. In fact that seems to be expected. Grady says himself that he absorbed 120 pages of a student’s novel in two and a half hours. Blimey – I can’t even afford to read that fast, though I would like to.

it was fun looking the book up on line and seeing that Chabon has said himself that Grady Tripp is based on a college lecturer of his past – I wonder what the don thought and whether he sees it as a tribute!

I look forward to reading another of his tales.

wonder boys on Amazon

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